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New York City

 NY's Premier choice of EPA Certified Environmental Experts. Providing Inspections and Abatement for Lead, Asbestos, Mold.

"Leave it to the pros' at Envirotech Mold and Lead" ™

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Why do thousands choose Envirotech?

Since 2018, we've outpaced the competition by providing legendary service using cutting edge technology that gets results faster. We got you covered!

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Lead XRF Testing and Abatement | HPD Lead and Mold Violation Removal


Welcome to Envirotech Mold & Lead Specialists!

We are a fully licensed, EPA certified, and insured company that offers a full range of Mold, Lead, Asbestos testing and removal services, from remediation to HPD and DOH violation removal, we can do it all A-Z. Our goal is to leave you feeling safe and healthy, as well as less worried about any HPD violations you may have.

Our Services Include:

Mold Assessment | Mold Removal | Lead Abatement | Lead XRF Testing | Local Law 31 Testing | HPD Lead and Mold Violation Removal. Asbestos ACP-5 Inspection, Asbestos Abatement. 

(718) 316-6866

Our Services


Lead Paint


Were you flagged for lead violation? Avail of our EPA-certified lead inspection, risk assessment, and lead abatement services. Neutralize lead-based hazards from your property within 24 hours. All our services comply with

Local Law 31.

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Mold Testing & Removal

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XRF lead paint testing / Dust Wipes

Need to test your property for the possible presence of lead-based paint? We perform XRF Lead Testing for compliance with vacancy testing and Local Law 31. Best pricing packages and fastest testing time in Brooklyn, NY.

(718) 316-6866

Other Services

Professional services we also provide to keep you and your property safe

Water Lead Testing

(718) 316-6866

Flood Damage / Water Restoration 

(718) 316-6866

Asbestos Testing & Abatement 

(718) 316-6866

David Baturo

Envirotech provided an excellent service for us in removing mold and lead violations. They also did the XRF testing for local law 31 at a lower price than anyone else I found. Highly recommend this company. Honest and Reliable.

Peter Clausen

I have been using this company for several months now for lead and mold violations as well as XRF testing.  They always show up on the day scheduled, and if they can't make it, they communicate with me, and we reschedule.  Stephanie and Chavie are great and are always available for any questions or concerns I may have. I definitely recommend them!

Hillel Bacon

I was looking to do lead removal/ abatement, so I called them, and Jacob was very helpful. He provided me with Xrf lead testing for my Brooklyn properties and even offered us help with our HPD mold violations. Great company and has good pricing too. Highly recommended.

Satisfied Customers


Our Proven Process

Envirotech Mold & Lead Specialists is a fully licensed DEP and EPA certified, and insured company in Brooklyn, NY. We offer a full range of mold/lead testing and removal services. This includes all necessary processes to remediate all mold and lead HPD and DOHMH violations on your property. 

 1. Call our dedicated professionals

We provide professional advice on the best route to take for any mold issues you may be experiencing and provide a free quote if needed. Call (718) 316-6866 to speak with our mold and lead experts in Brooklyn, NY. Our teams are licensed by the state to perform lead and mold testing, lead abatement, and mold remediation. 

2. We come fast, and prepared

HPD violations have specific deadlines. We come in fast and prepared with all the tools required to neutralize your mold and lead problem.  Our team arrives with all the necessary equipment needed to deliver on our promise - a safe, mold free environment and the removal of any associated HPD violations.

3. Remove Mold / Lead Violations

Our pros come in to remove and repair the area. We then prepare all the necessary documents to remove any violations with the HPD — leaving you with a safe and healthy environment.

(718) 316-6866


Want a QUOTE? Need More Information?

The cost of addressing the lead and mold problems depends on the size of your property, the extent of the problem, and the requirements outlined in the Notice of Violation issued by the HPD. To know how much you need to spend, fill out the form and expect a call-back within 24 hours:

Thanks for submitting!

Frequently asked questions

What is an HPD violation? > An HPD violation is issued by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development in response to your alleged noncompliance with the housing code. Upon receipt of a complaint, for example, the HPD sends an inspector to examine your property. Once evidence of the infraction is established, the HPD will issue a Notice of Violation.

What kind of HPD violation is issued for mold problems? > The presence of mold in your property violates NYC Local Law 55 of 2018, a.k.a. Asthma Free Housing Act, which requires owners of buildings with three or more apartments to ensure that their tenants are safe from pests and mold. Mold violations fall under three classifications: First, a Class A violation means your mold problem is non-hazardous and affects less than 10 square feet. This violation needs to be rectified within 90 days. Second, a Class B means the violation is hazardous. This is issued when the infestation covers more than 10 square feet but does not exceed 30 square feet. This problem needs correction within 60 days. Third, a Class C violation is issued when the mold problem affects more than 30 square feet of your property. The mold infestation must be cured within 21 days. Click here to learn more about HPD mold violations.

What is a lead-based paint violation? > Based on the new rules adopted by the HPD on December 1, 2021, in response to Local Law 66 of 2019, a lead-based paint violation is issued whenever a property contains paint that has lead content that measures at 0.5 mg/cm2 or greater based on laboratory analysis or an XRF instrument with an approved PCS and was programmed to perform at a testing action level of 0.5 mg/cm2. Local Law 1 of 2004 requires all landlords to identify and solve all lead-based hazards in their property where a young child is present. Remediation needs to be done using trained personnel and safe working methods.

What are lead-based hazards? > Lead-based paint hazards include the following: 1. Dust from paint peeling off painted surfaces 2. Paint chipping from walls, ceilings, windows, and doors 3. Cracked and damaged lead-based paint 4. Painted surfaces that stick and rub together (E.g., door and door frame) 5. Sills and rails scratched or chewed on by kids

How would I know if my property has lead-based paint? > New York banned the use of lead in all paint manufacturing in 1960. This means older buildings most likely have traces of lead in their paint. You urgently need professional lead inspection and remediation if: 1. Your property was constructed before January 1, 1960 2. Your property has rental apartments occupied by tenants A 3. child under 6 years old lives on your property or regularly visits the place for more than 10 hours per week. Lead is a toxic metal that is harmful, especially to children. As a property owner, you are responsible for keeping your tenants safe from hazards caused by lead. IMPORTANT: As of February 2021, Local Law 1 of 2004 applies to one- and two-unit buildings occupied by tenants.

What are NYC DOH violations? > NYC DOH violations refer to infractions of public health policies implemented by The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The Department supports and upholds Local Laws 55 and 61 for all property owners for the health of all tenants in dwelling units across the city.

What is NYC local law 31, and how does it apply to my HPD violation? > Local Law 31 requires property owners to hire lead inspectors and risk assessors certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to test a dwelling unit for the presence of lead-based paint. These professionals must be independent of the property owner and should not be connected with the company in charge of remediating the lead-based paint hazard.

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